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Hack your Snacks: 5 Ways to Snack Better at Work

  Snacking at work can be a blessing or a curse.  The right food can give you energy and bring back your focus to your to-do list or the meeting you’ve been preparing for all week. But if you’re not consciously snacking, it’s all too easy to pack on the pounds due to cookies here and there, sodas, chocolates, and slices of birthday cake. When you spend hours on end in the office and need fuel to stay focused, it’s easy to grab whatever is on offer! We know the challenge to stay alert and focused, but the fuel you choose should be premium quality. The following snack hacks are straightforward and easy to follow- with results that will contribute to a more vibrant you. 1. Snack mindfully Before we get into any food specifics, mindfulness is the most important element of better snacking. Rather than shoveling handfuls of whatever food is closest to you when stress or hunger or lethargy creeps into your day, a mindful attitude will bring your attention back to exactly …

3 Ways to Bring Holistic Energy into your Career

The Pitaya community is all about bridging the proverbial gap between work and life, in a seamless flow that connects the two. On your quest for wellness and glowing skin- the practices shouldn’t stop and start at home. Many of our community members spend more hours working than tending to personal matters in personal space- so the practices within the workspace should be just as important than that post- yoga deep breath. Here are a few ways you can begin to bring working hours into your overall holistic lifestyle.  1. Drink Tea Rather than reaching for that fifth espresso, treat yourself to a variety of teas throughout the day. Whether you need the caffeine boost, or simply want to savor a hot drink while you’re pondering your next project, tea is a healthy drink option that may contribute to long-term health benefits such as the prevention of cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis. For those of us in high pressure jobs, tea can contribute to concentration and relaxation- making you a better master of your time.   Many …

Branding yourself or your business.  A lesson from Lululemon Athletica.

Our generation has seen the immersion of new brands and movements, taking on names that immediately conjure an image or a lifestyle in our minds once we see a glimpse of a logo or the whisper of a name.  From the Change campaign of President Barak Obama, to the white glow of an Apple from behind a laptop screen, we take a brand and its associations as a deep connection to the meaning of that thing.

Three tips to stay healthy while traveling

When life demands that you travel often, by means of road or airtravel, it’s easy to get worn down and even ill from the journeying. In my career, I’ve gone through periods of frequent travel followed by lulls in flight and time on the ground. Though I do love to see the world and I’m fortunate enough to have a career that allows me to experience new places and cultures, my overall health is also prone to be affected by these trips. In order to stay well, feel happy, and enjoy the new experiences on your journey- it’s critical to stay healthy while on the road.