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How they Win. Lessons from the Tech Talent War Battlefield.

Article originally posted in Medium. Over the past few months, my partner and I entered over 70 stunning offices of successful, growing, hi-tech companies to interview the industry’s brightest minds one on one. Our purpose was to uncover the truth behind what makes a company truly sticky from an internal employee perspective, rather than who’s flaunting the cushiest bean bags and fancy espresso bar (though we’re massively impressed by the new wave of office design!) Our method centered around three lines of questioning for the following personas: HR, middle managers, & individual contributors. We focused our research on intrinsic employee motivation within each company, and aimed to understand the factors that lead those employees to stay, or move companies. Like foam rising to the top, we heard the same sentiments echoing across an overwhelming majority of our research. It’s all about meaning, and it’s all about the manager. Those of us in the tech world understand that a company’s most precious intellectual property isn’t written in code. The key element of a company’s success (startup …

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THIS IS YOUR LIFE. A Manifesto by Holstee.

In a recent interview, we came across a meaningful manifesto from one of our Pitaya members.  She has a poster hanging on her bulletin board at work, filled with advice and wisdom for a life well lived.  Naturally, we were curious to find out the source of such words, and we came across Holstee – an art company with a mission to help us all live a more meaningful life. We encourage you to check out Holstee’s video manifesto above, and give your Monday the inspiration it deserves.