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1 Knockout Way to be More Successful

The metrics for professional success constantly serve as hurdles to conquer along our long paths along the road to accomplishment. Power, money, influence, and praise vie for the top parameters of what many people in driven careers want to achieve- but the kink in these pillars of success is that the drive for such end-goals can drain us of our energy and balance as we keep our eyes firmly set on the prize. Without weaving self care and adequate rest into our daily to-do lists, maintaining that fiery determination for victory won’t be possible. From corporate business leaders, to human rights advocates, to imaginative artists- it takes hard work and dedication with a focus on your goals in order to succeed. Along that journey, it’s critical to make a few hard stops for self care and rest… or we may never truly make it to the vision we dream of. Arianna Huffington learned her lesson the hard way- by waking up with a broken face in a pool of her own blood, after collapsing to …

Morning Meditation: 3 Minute Miracle

  Admittedly, I am not a morning person. Over the years, I’ve tried to wake up early and exercise/read/work/wash and dry my hair… but it’s just not going to happen for me. If you’re one of those morning sunshine people- good for you, you crazy morning tiger! Whether you’re a morning person- or not, there is one powerful practice you should be doing to show yourself some love and make space for your day. Meditate.