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In Building a Company or a Marriage — Perks Just Don’t Cut It

Just as life-partners need to weather the storms that often arise in marriages in order to achieve effective connection and great quality of life, companies need to do the same. Not only do we need to survive the shit storms, but also come out thriving on the other end. In March 2016, my company, Pitaya conducted a market satisfaction survey for tech employees in Tel Aviv. Of hundreds of respondents, 70% had worked in their companies for less than 2 years. Despite being new employees, subjects reported a surprisingly high level of company loyalty, and comfort being honest with their direct managers and/or direct reports. When you pop the hood and peek into the day-to-day of a terrible company to work for, or an absolutely fantastic company to work for, it all boils down to a subjective reflection of the experience. It’s no accident when people feel connected to the mission of their company, proud of their employer, and driven to help their company succeed their lofty goals. Out of the data we collected, two …

The Number One Trait of a Great Leader

I recently watched a lecture by the great Simon Sinek, whom I discovered years ago whilst stumbling upon his famous TED talk. Sinek’s recent book entitled Leaders Eat Last takes a markedly basic approach to leadership by highlighting guttural human psychology for the makings of a great leader. His recent lecture focused on the traits of great leaders and how they can foster their employees’ development and responsibility in order to make an organization thrive.