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THIS IS YOUR LIFE. A Manifesto by Holstee.

In a recent interview, we came across a meaningful manifesto from one of our Pitaya members.  She has a poster hanging on her bulletin board at work, filled with advice and wisdom for a life well lived.  Naturally, we were curious to find out the source of such words, and we came across Holstee – an art company with a mission to help us all live a more meaningful life. We encourage you to check out Holstee’s video manifesto above, and give your Monday the inspiration it deserves. Advertisements

Your Personal Brand- more than just a LinkedIn profile

Original Article posted in LinkedIn* Personal brand surrounds us all like an aura, distinct to each and every one of us. Before we enter an interview, a meeting, or a boardroom with strangers, chances are that the other party will already have a hunch as to our position and what we’re all about.  The other person may have searched for you online, but they’ve also probably heard about projects you led or teams you contributed to- culminating in a personal brand, which reaches beyond the internet and into the tangible world. When someone speaks about us at time when we’re not in the room, our reputation lingers. Our actions and our words supersede us, or trail behind. We have a brand association like anything else- reliable like a Volvo, innovative like Apple, or determined like a Nike runner. The aura extends in all directions- often most palpable when we’ve left the room.  For example, when you loose your cool and brazenly shoot down a stupid ideas from your colleague, or perhaps you meekly in the …

Action Plan: 3 things you need to do, to stay healthy at work

Committing yourself to outstanding performance and goals you care about in your career is a terrific way to drive results in the work place. Unfortunately, a tunnel vision of focus can come at the cost of your personal wellbeing. A Pitaya lifestyle brings together the worlds of personal and professional success and we have three important tips to help you keep your body and mind on track when you’re in the zone at work. One: Drink more water! When you arrive to work in the morning, grab a full glass of water before you sit down or begin your rounds. Hydrating yourself first thing after your commute is important to setting the stage for a day of hydration and focus. Drinking another glass of water before lunch time will also help you tell the difference between actual hunger and thirst. It’s possible confuse hunger with thirst- so if you’re feeling hungry make sure to check if you’ve finished a glass of water in the nearest hour. If not, walk yourself over to the cooler and …

How nature can boost our productivity and perspective

Most of our careers require long hours of work either sitting or standing under a roof, surrounded by other people or productivity- inducing décor and furniture. Considering the efforts we go to in order to inspire ourselves and keep our mind from spinning out of control, research shows a direct link between relaxing our acute emotions and time spent in nature. Planning a short trip, even a weekend day-trip, in a forest area filled with trees and fresh air will benefit your health and your mind. Walking on a trail through the woods, or taking a few hours to stroll through your local botanical gardens will put you in touch with your senses- bringing your awareness into the moment while acting as a natural stress reducer. According to an article in the Atlantic  healers in Japan encourage patients of all types to experience forest therapy, known as shinrin-yoku wherein people are prescribed a walk through a woodsy forest while breathing in the fresh air and taking in their surroundings. This type of activity has proven …

1 Knockout Way to be More Successful

The metrics for professional success constantly serve as hurdles to conquer along our long paths along the road to accomplishment. Power, money, influence, and praise vie for the top parameters of what many people in driven careers want to achieve- but the kink in these pillars of success is that the drive for such end-goals can drain us of our energy and balance as we keep our eyes firmly set on the prize. Without weaving self care and adequate rest into our daily to-do lists, maintaining that fiery determination for victory won’t be possible. From corporate business leaders, to human rights advocates, to imaginative artists- it takes hard work and dedication with a focus on your goals in order to succeed. Along that journey, it’s critical to make a few hard stops for self care and rest… or we may never truly make it to the vision we dream of. Arianna Huffington learned her lesson the hard way- by waking up with a broken face in a pool of her own blood, after collapsing to …

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The Busy Woman’s Way to Read More Books.

We’re all aware of the benefits of reading and how it can contribute to a sharpened sense of language proficiency while letting our imaginations exercise their muscles. But, time is of the essence and a workingwoman with pressing deadlines, romantic relationships, children to take care of, and friends to bond with- may not have the time to peruse through a 500 page novel on a regular basis. Lack of time may not be the case- depending how we look at our day. There is a window of time that many of us ignore but exists in so many of our days. Transit time.

3 Ways to Bring Holistic Energy into your Career

The Pitaya community is all about bridging the proverbial gap between work and life, in a seamless flow that connects the two. On your quest for wellness and glowing skin- the practices shouldn’t stop and start at home. Many of our community members spend more hours working than tending to personal matters in personal space- so the practices within the workspace should be just as important than that post- yoga deep breath. Here are a few ways you can begin to bring working hours into your overall holistic lifestyle.  1. Drink Tea Rather than reaching for that fifth espresso, treat yourself to a variety of teas throughout the day. Whether you need the caffeine boost, or simply want to savor a hot drink while you’re pondering your next project, tea is a healthy drink option that may contribute to long-term health benefits such as the prevention of cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis. For those of us in high pressure jobs, tea can contribute to concentration and relaxation- making you a better master of your time.   Many …