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Your Personal Brand- more than just a LinkedIn profile

Original Article posted in LinkedIn* Personal brand surrounds us all like an aura, distinct to each and every one of us. Before we enter an interview, a meeting, or a boardroom with strangers, chances are that the other party will already have a hunch as to our position and what we’re all about.  The other person may have searched for you online, but they’ve also probably heard about projects you led or teams you contributed to- culminating in a personal brand, which reaches beyond the internet and into the tangible world. When someone speaks about us at time when we’re not in the room, our reputation lingers. Our actions and our words supersede us, or trail behind. We have a brand association like anything else- reliable like a Volvo, innovative like Apple, or determined like a Nike runner. The aura extends in all directions- often most palpable when we’ve left the room.  For example, when you loose your cool and brazenly shoot down a stupid ideas from your colleague, or perhaps you meekly in the …

How nature can boost our productivity and perspective

Most of our careers require long hours of work either sitting or standing under a roof, surrounded by other people or productivity- inducing décor and furniture. Considering the efforts we go to in order to inspire ourselves and keep our mind from spinning out of control, research shows a direct link between relaxing our acute emotions and time spent in nature. Planning a short trip, even a weekend day-trip, in a forest area filled with trees and fresh air will benefit your health and your mind. Walking on a trail through the woods, or taking a few hours to stroll through your local botanical gardens will put you in touch with your senses- bringing your awareness into the moment while acting as a natural stress reducer. According to an article in the Atlantic  healers in Japan encourage patients of all types to experience forest therapy, known as shinrin-yoku wherein people are prescribed a walk through a woodsy forest while breathing in the fresh air and taking in their surroundings. This type of activity has proven …

3 Steps to Ignite Your Self Confidence

Moving forward with your career and life goals doesn’t happen by accident. It takes concerted effort and hard work to keep your healthy self on track with your dreams, all the while balancing the connections in your life and somehow keeping the laundry from piling up in the bedroom corner. Along with the many practices you preach, one key mindset can have a distinguishing influence on the course of achieving your mission.  And this mindset is confidence.