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THIS IS YOUR LIFE. A Manifesto by Holstee.

In a recent interview, we came across a meaningful manifesto from one of our Pitaya members.  She has a poster hanging on her bulletin board at work, filled with advice and wisdom for a life well lived.  Naturally, we were curious to find out the source of such words, and we came across Holstee – an art company with a mission to help us all live a more meaningful life. We encourage you to check out Holstee’s video manifesto above, and give your Monday the inspiration it deserves.

Three Great Ways Arianna Huffington teaches us to THRIVE

“Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.” – Arianna Huffington   Arianna Huffington’s recent bestseller, Thrive, inspires and encourages readers to live and work in a world of strength and balance that often feels elusive in our non-stop culture. The ubiquity of smart phones and a constantly “on” culture has affected our ability to connect and center ourselves- thus calling for a new way for working women and men to connect back to their innate energy. Millenials, Generation X, and baby boomers face new challenges of managing their work and lives as the two blend together constantly. At Pitaya Life, we embrace these challenges and we celebrate those who pave the way for us all.  Following, are our top three picks from Arianna Huffington’s ways to truly thrive.   1. Move your Body Studies have shown time and time again, that exercise not only makes us happier people, but it also increases the brain function we expend on our work tasks as well. If you want to be happier, healthier, …

A Thank You to Mother

The world is a buzz with women’s equality issues- conversations about female wages and the number of females in leadership positions are ubiquitous and hard to ignore. Thought leaders (both men and women) are raising a flag for these issues in order to understand the root and come up with a solution to have more females fairly compensated in the workplace and making their way to the top. As humans, we don’t exist in a vacuum or travel as lone nomads. The pack we grow up with imprints upon our memories and often shapes our desires and actions. For many, our Mothers are a force that inspires and helps to shape our path. With mother’s day approaching tomorrow, we would be remiss to miss this opportunity of celebrating our roots. Whether we celebrate our own mothers, or the matriarchs of women’s movements such as Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem, Margaret Thatcher, and so many more. With the cornerstone of civil equality, these thought leaders have inspired the paths of so many women and men in this …

1 Knockout Way to be More Successful

The metrics for professional success constantly serve as hurdles to conquer along our long paths along the road to accomplishment. Power, money, influence, and praise vie for the top parameters of what many people in driven careers want to achieve- but the kink in these pillars of success is that the drive for such end-goals can drain us of our energy and balance as we keep our eyes firmly set on the prize. Without weaving self care and adequate rest into our daily to-do lists, maintaining that fiery determination for victory won’t be possible. From corporate business leaders, to human rights advocates, to imaginative artists- it takes hard work and dedication with a focus on your goals in order to succeed. Along that journey, it’s critical to make a few hard stops for self care and rest… or we may never truly make it to the vision we dream of. Arianna Huffington learned her lesson the hard way- by waking up with a broken face in a pool of her own blood, after collapsing to …

What to do when work gets you down

As a passionate person, I tend to throw myself fully into life.  I give my all to my relationships, my dreams, my career, and my ideas.  An inevitable byproduct of passion is feeling- and when one feels and cares about work in particular it can drive that person to reach great heights.  In my circumstance, when all is going well in the office I leave for the day feeling accomplished and proud.  When I’m met with a challenge that I can barely rise to with my current arsenal of skills, I feel drawn for energy.  To put it simply- my chest tightens and I get scared.

3 Easy Ways to Accomplish More

Three mind-shifts that will make you accomplish more, every day. A recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review, found that people who maintained calm, happy, and energized thoughts throughout the day were more likely to be productive at work- resulting in greater achievements over the course of time.  This trifecta of “high states of mind” are drivers that affect both professional as well as personal achievements in any given person’s life.

Loving what you do

Gone are the days of work/ life balance.  Our lives seep into our work, and our work is inevitably a part of our life- the separation of both is a notion that doesn’t exist in the way that previous generations may have known.  I check my work emails before getting ready for bed, and I take care of bills and doctor appointments during short breaks at work because it’s the only time the clinics are open.  Our days are filled with personal and professional challenges and it’s ultimately up to us to shape them into the days we want to live.

3 Steps to Ignite Your Self Confidence

Moving forward with your career and life goals doesn’t happen by accident. It takes concerted effort and hard work to keep your healthy self on track with your dreams, all the while balancing the connections in your life and somehow keeping the laundry from piling up in the bedroom corner. Along with the many practices you preach, one key mindset can have a distinguishing influence on the course of achieving your mission.  And this mindset is confidence.