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Hack your Snacks: 5 Ways to Snack Better at Work

  Snacking at work can be a blessing or a curse.  The right food can give you energy and bring back your focus to your to-do list or the meeting you’ve been preparing for all week. But if you’re not consciously snacking, it’s all too easy to pack on the pounds due to cookies here and there, sodas, chocolates, and slices of birthday cake. When you spend hours on end in the office and need fuel to stay focused, it’s easy to grab whatever is on offer! We know the challenge to stay alert and focused, but the fuel you choose should be premium quality. The following snack hacks are straightforward and easy to follow- with results that will contribute to a more vibrant you. 1. Snack mindfully Before we get into any food specifics, mindfulness is the most important element of better snacking. Rather than shoveling handfuls of whatever food is closest to you when stress or hunger or lethargy creeps into your day, a mindful attitude will bring your attention back to exactly …

Action Plan: 3 things you need to do, to stay healthy at work

Committing yourself to outstanding performance and goals you care about in your career is a terrific way to drive results in the work place. Unfortunately, a tunnel vision of focus can come at the cost of your personal wellbeing. A Pitaya lifestyle brings together the worlds of personal and professional success and we have three important tips to help you keep your body and mind on track when you’re in the zone at work. One: Drink more water! When you arrive to work in the morning, grab a full glass of water before you sit down or begin your rounds. Hydrating yourself first thing after your commute is important to setting the stage for a day of hydration and focus. Drinking another glass of water before lunch time will also help you tell the difference between actual hunger and thirst. It’s possible confuse hunger with thirst- so if you’re feeling hungry make sure to check if you’ve finished a glass of water in the nearest hour. If not, walk yourself over to the cooler and …

Three Great Ways Arianna Huffington teaches us to THRIVE

“Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.” – Arianna Huffington   Arianna Huffington’s recent bestseller, Thrive, inspires and encourages readers to live and work in a world of strength and balance that often feels elusive in our non-stop culture. The ubiquity of smart phones and a constantly “on” culture has affected our ability to connect and center ourselves- thus calling for a new way for working women and men to connect back to their innate energy. Millenials, Generation X, and baby boomers face new challenges of managing their work and lives as the two blend together constantly. At Pitaya Life, we embrace these challenges and we celebrate those who pave the way for us all.  Following, are our top three picks from Arianna Huffington’s ways to truly thrive.   1. Move your Body Studies have shown time and time again, that exercise not only makes us happier people, but it also increases the brain function we expend on our work tasks as well. If you want to be happier, healthier, …

How nature can boost our productivity and perspective

Most of our careers require long hours of work either sitting or standing under a roof, surrounded by other people or productivity- inducing décor and furniture. Considering the efforts we go to in order to inspire ourselves and keep our mind from spinning out of control, research shows a direct link between relaxing our acute emotions and time spent in nature. Planning a short trip, even a weekend day-trip, in a forest area filled with trees and fresh air will benefit your health and your mind. Walking on a trail through the woods, or taking a few hours to stroll through your local botanical gardens will put you in touch with your senses- bringing your awareness into the moment while acting as a natural stress reducer. According to an article in the Atlantic  healers in Japan encourage patients of all types to experience forest therapy, known as shinrin-yoku wherein people are prescribed a walk through a woodsy forest while breathing in the fresh air and taking in their surroundings. This type of activity has proven …

Three tips to stay healthy while traveling

When life demands that you travel often, by means of road or airtravel, it’s easy to get worn down and even ill from the journeying. In my career, I’ve gone through periods of frequent travel followed by lulls in flight and time on the ground. Though I do love to see the world and I’m fortunate enough to have a career that allows me to experience new places and cultures, my overall health is also prone to be affected by these trips. In order to stay well, feel happy, and enjoy the new experiences on your journey- it’s critical to stay healthy while on the road.

Morning Fuel

Do you know that woman in the morning?  The one who strides into the office, hair shining and smile beaming- looking like she’s just snapped the cover photo of Inc. magazine’s 30 under 30?  Oh, and of course, she already ran 10 miles this morning.  Do you know that morning goddess? The opposite of that woman gets three words as a greeting… the worst three words a non-morning woman wants to hear. “You look tired.”  Yes, ok yes, I know.  But I work hard, I work out, I have a social life, and I’m here to work not to be a fashion model. Let’s set the story straight- you don’t have to look tired nor do you have to feel tired.  There are so many ways to rev up your energy, so let’s focus on one.  What you put into that body of yours. Morning is a critical time of day.  It sets the tone for hours of work and opens possibilities for things yet to be done.  When I roll out of bed late, …

Hot Body

Take your body to another level.  For free.  Women’s fitness is a booming industry, tailoring classes and workouts to meet the body types, time pressures, and unique needs of women across virtually every metropolis.  We’re informed, we’re trying out healthy food, and we’re interested in shaping ourselves up and carving out the most powerful version of ourselves. Exercise isn’t just about looking svelte in our summer bikinis, it’s about defragmenting our brains and breathing deeply after a difficult day of work and carving out the time when it’s simply all about us.  Our senses light up, we feel the movement and strength of our bodies, and the endorphins pump through our veins.

Oh Nutz

A colleague once called me out on my daily nut habit and I’ll never go for a handful of Almonds the same way again.  When I was working in London, and getting acclimated to the new culture and way of eating and being- I kept a bag of nuts in my desk drawer in case a bout of hunger struck.  There was always a bar of Cadbury’s somewhere in the office and I needed something more stable to keep me on my game during the grey workdays.