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The Busy Woman’s Way to Read More Books.

We’re all aware of the benefits of reading and how it can contribute to a sharpened sense of language proficiency while letting our imaginations exercise their muscles. But, time is of the essence and a workingwoman with pressing deadlines, romantic relationships, children to take care of, and friends to bond with- may not have the time to peruse through a 500 page novel on a regular basis. Lack of time may not be the case- depending how we look at our day. There is a window of time that many of us ignore but exists in so many of our days. Transit time. Advertisements

Three tips to stay healthy while traveling

When life demands that you travel often, by means of road or airtravel, it’s easy to get worn down and even ill from the journeying. In my career, I’ve gone through periods of frequent travel followed by lulls in flight and time on the ground. Though I do love to see the world and I’m fortunate enough to have a career that allows me to experience new places and cultures, my overall health is also prone to be affected by these trips. In order to stay well, feel happy, and enjoy the new experiences on your journey- it’s critical to stay healthy while on the road.

3 Easy Ways to Accomplish More

Three mind-shifts that will make you accomplish more, every day. A recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review, found that people who maintained calm, happy, and energized thoughts throughout the day were more likely to be productive at work- resulting in greater achievements over the course of time.  This trifecta of “high states of mind” are drivers that affect both professional as well as personal achievements in any given person’s life.

Hot Body

Take your body to another level.  For free.  Women’s fitness is a booming industry, tailoring classes and workouts to meet the body types, time pressures, and unique needs of women across virtually every metropolis.  We’re informed, we’re trying out healthy food, and we’re interested in shaping ourselves up and carving out the most powerful version of ourselves. Exercise isn’t just about looking svelte in our summer bikinis, it’s about defragmenting our brains and breathing deeply after a difficult day of work and carving out the time when it’s simply all about us.  Our senses light up, we feel the movement and strength of our bodies, and the endorphins pump through our veins.

Oh Nutz

A colleague once called me out on my daily nut habit and I’ll never go for a handful of Almonds the same way again.  When I was working in London, and getting acclimated to the new culture and way of eating and being- I kept a bag of nuts in my desk drawer in case a bout of hunger struck.  There was always a bar of Cadbury’s somewhere in the office and I needed something more stable to keep me on my game during the grey workdays.

Loving what you do

Gone are the days of work/ life balance.  Our lives seep into our work, and our work is inevitably a part of our life- the separation of both is a notion that doesn’t exist in the way that previous generations may have known.  I check my work emails before getting ready for bed, and I take care of bills and doctor appointments during short breaks at work because it’s the only time the clinics are open.  Our days are filled with personal and professional challenges and it’s ultimately up to us to shape them into the days we want to live.

Doing begets doing

“Doing begets more doing. It sounds simple, but I’m a firm believer that action can solve so many worries, and just powering through, no matter what, can give you the confidence you need when you feel like you’ve got nothing to offer. It’s in those moments that we must dig deep, ignore the noise, and lean in.”  – Reese Witherspoon Famous and beautiful actresses are often viewed as the pinnacle of female confidence and grace.  This isn’t the case with Reese Witherspoon, who in a recent interview explained that she had immense anxiety when considering accepting a spokesperson position for Avon, a company that is close to her heart.  Performing under the lights of Hollywood, as a character in a story is a vastly different experience than standing on a podium as Reese’s self and reading a speech that came from her heart.