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Culture Spotlight: Hadas of WEB3

Healthy corporate cultures and inclusive working environments don’t happen by accident. Companies that get it right have figured out the questions many of our community members ask us daily.  How do you actually build a healthy corporate culture?  Where do you begin?  How do you scale initiatives in a growing company with a new (sometimes international) workforce?

In short, there’s no silver bullet to creating an enriching place to work.  But in many cases of great work cultures, there is a champion – a leader who sets the troops in motion.  We came across such a leader at the company WEB3 – Hadas Atzitz, happiness manager.  

WEB3 group specializes in digital media and develops advanced online marketing solutions.  An innovative company at heart, WEB3 works constantly to develop new and unique technologies which serve the world’s leading tech and consumer goods companies. Pitaya had a great time chatting with Hadas Atzitz on all things culture and employee development.

Hadas, You joined the company when there were only 15 employees, and within a short period, the team grew to 70.  When a company grows from start-up mode, to a more mature company, there’s a great deal of strategy involved for the internal culture.   Tell us about your approach when this all happened.

The biggest challenge for me was to maintain the intimate atmosphere of a small organization and retain that feeling while we were growing into a bigger company. I saw it as my personal responsibility to serve as the go-to person for everything related to employee well-being and the overall work environment. Our original employees had me as their direct representative during the times of growth and change, and the new employees had me as their orientation manager to make sure their needs were taken care of. My personal goal was always to make the people happy, and when I could align that with the company’s goals – I knew I found the sweet spot.

IMG-20170202-WA0046 (1).jpg

Tell us a bit about your career path.  What did you do before joining WEB3?

Prior to joining Web3 I worked in the event production industry, planning and organizing corporate events.  There’s an art involved in events, which brings out the feelings you wish to have in the room, how you want people to react, and how they remember the experience when they get home at the end of the day.

Bringing this experience, and sense of understanding people, into the workplace has helped me tremendously to take initiatives that matter.  I was able to see the details, and the overall impact of our investments in enrichment and learning, culture building activities, and shaping divisions and teams. Today I can say with confidence that taking initiative and being proactive has really pushed my career forward. I was lucky to find myself within an organization that supported my leadership, creativity, ideas and new initiatives. I work closely with Yael Wolinitz Kitzis our VP of HR who leads the company’s HR strategy and promotes added value in all our corporate activities. We promote managerial training, and individual mentorship and training.


Your title , happiness manager, is a bit unorthodox.  There are so many ways to describe the people element of a company – what is your take on the titles and the industry at large?

I believe that the title really creates the mindset for the position and focuses you on what’s the most important thing that you’re aiming for.  Your title can define your actions, and what your ultimate goals are. It took me some time to realize how big of an impact this position really holds and the founders and Co-CEO’s Shahaf Bar Geffen and Shai Beres really supported this title- and it built the role and my main focus. The title does affect the perception. I am part of the HR department, so I see how this approach affects employee engagement, retention, recruitment and more. The competition over talent is tough today and this special approach to people really does help make a difference for candidates that are considering multiple opportunities before they come to work for us.

What are your tips to HR professionals looking to bring more of a personal wellbeing touch to their organizations?

Be proactive!  It’s important to be personally involved in as many people interactions as possible. Sometimes a personal hello in the morning, or a personal question about a certain interest of an employee makes all the difference. You have to really care and do this from the heart in order for it to be genuine. I ask everyone personal and caring questions, funny questions, things that I care to pay attention to. I run activities that leverage the amazing skills and energy we have within the organization and always find creative ways to connect people, that do not necessarily increase the budget.  For instance, each week one of our employees leads the group in learning new skills like exercise or other activities.  We take information sharing very seriously, and it’s something that brings employees together.

I also leverage the HR community.  I feel comfortable asking questions and helping others with their ideas and concerns.  It’s a very open and sharing community and I’m very thankful for it.

Tell us a bit about interesting initiatives you have done at the company?  

In terms of events one of the most memorable events we had was around Purim. In addition to dressing up personally we decided to dress up the office. Our theme was Thailand and we dressed the office up in a ‘tropical costume’ for the day; decorations, massages, pad thai and fruit smoothie stands and asked everyone to dress up like they were on vacation.  The goal of this type of experience, was to bring people out of their day-to-day cycle and get their creativity flowing.  When you’re on vacation, eating pad thai and drinking coconut water, you have a free creativity that you can’t always tap into when you’re in front of a computer.  It’s great for the employees well-being and great for the company overall!

IMG_20150202_162947 (1).jpg

A DIY carpentry workshop, transformed the office cafeteria into a DIY haven.

_DSC0272 (1).jpg

Another interesting initiative that we introduced this year is called The Generator. It is an excellence development program for our employees , aimed to empower personal and professional development and leverage sharing the existing knowledge within the company. The Generator program offers various events throughout the year, workshops and lectures led by professionals and leaders within the organization as well as leading industry professionals. In the near future, we plan to introduce professional forums for sharing innovative ideas and organize corporate activities aimed at social good and giving back to our community.

We’re inspired by all Web3 is doing to engage employees & promote a holistic approach to the work environment. If you want to nominate a company with awesome company culture for a Pitaya spotlight, please email with a brief description & nomination.

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