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Culture Spotlight: Talia from WalkMe

Pitaya sat down with Talia Komorov from WalkMe, a growth-stage startup company that has catapulted into the global tech stratosphere.  WalkMe, a Digital Adoption Platform that simplifies user experience and drives user action using insights, engagement and guidance capabilities, has raised $92.5M since 2011, and they have a unique mix of big-company comfort, with an agile startup feel.  This company represents the type of passionate people investment we love, and we’re sharing insights from Talia- passionate people person, at the company’s Tel Aviv office.

Name: Talia Komorov

Current Position & Company: Employer Branding Manager

Where do you live & work? The best city on earth- Tel Aviv

What’s the best thing about working at WalkMe?  For starters, the fact that we’re not corporate 🙂 The most important thing to mention here is the talent we hire. We actually surveyed our employees on overall engagement and happiness and the feedback from nearly everyone was that the best thing about working at WalkMe is the people they work with and the startup culture we have been successful at maintaining. Additionally, we pride ourselves on a very open and transparent culture as a result of our open work space and glass conference rooms. Our president sits in the open space area with everyone else and encourages employees to be curious and ask questions. There isn’t anything he won’t answer if approached. He really values open and honest communication and that trickles down to the rest of the company.

Another interesting fact is that we are 40% women, which includes our VP R&D who manages a department of over 100 people.

Pictured: The Women of WalkMe

Besides that we’re always thinking of creative ideas to implement that ultimately makes WalkMe a fun place to work at. For instance during the couple of weeks of extremely dry weather Israel just experienced, we handed out branded chapsticks and hand creams. Everyone was so thankful and mentioned how it’s exactly what they needed. I believe it has everything to do with going the extra mile and being thoughtful towards our employees so that they have everything they need to feel comfortable and happy in their environment.

What are 3 things you can’t live without in the AM? COFFEE, COFFEE AND COFFEE. Breakfast and music are also a plus!

What does a typical work day look like for you? No work day is ever the same which is what I love about my role!! There are always a ton of projects I’m working on simultaneously that can vary from creative to strategic on or offsite which makes things interesting.

What’s on your desk right now? Too many things- my WalkMe water bottle and headphones, a little Zen garden, hand cream, coffee, tissues, vitamin C and glasses I never use.

How would you describe your philosophy on creating a healthy work culture?  I believe it’s all about creating a work environment that makes employees proud to be part of. A study by Gallup shows that companies with engaged employees outperform those who don’t by 202% and in general it is evident that they pride themselves in taking part of the company’s success. There’s a great sense of intrapreneurship and camaraderie here at WalkMe.  WalkMe recently won a spot on Entrepreneur Magazine’s top company cultures list for 2017.

Each person has immense contribution to WalkMe’s success, is encouraged to take initiative and “own” their projects. Outstanding employees often get promoted fast or are moved to positions in areas it’s noticeable they excel at. Another amazing thing to see is the friendships that have formed. Employees often suggest different activities we can and have executed outside of work hours such as volunteering days, karaoke/movie/card nights, sport teams and more. This to me is key, because ultimately they feel they are part of something bigger, like an internal community that actively initiates and engages in events and activities.

“It’s all about creating a work environment that makes employees proud to be part of”

What gives you inspiration for your work day?  Creativity and community building. Those are two things that really give me fuel for the day and I’m so grateful that both are such a huge aspect of my position. 

WalkMe has offices around the world.  How do you help streamline the connections between teams in different locations? We have a global weekly newsletter. Representatives from each location send me their information that is then featured in the weekly digest such as company news and announcements, promotions, new employees, events, hero of the week and other fun stuff.

Employees frequently fly out to our various office locations to meet and work with their teams onsite if they are part of a global team. Additionally, we are working on a more comprehensive global communications plan for 2017, for instance implementing quarterly global office “fun challenges,” Global WebX updates with management that the whole company logs into at the same time and more.

We’re grateful for Talia’s interview, and we can’t wait to see what WalkMe has in store for 2017!  If you want to nominate a company with awesome company culture for a Pitaya spotlight, please email with a brief description & nomination.

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