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Model Behavior in the Code World

23 year old model Karlie Kloss, is putting her face to the women’s coding effort in America.  She has announced Kode with Klossy, a sponsored coding camp for girls.  As the tech industry grows, opportunities for techies abound, and the benefactors of these job openings are overwhelmingly male.  There’s a worldwide movement to bring balance to the workforce, by encouraging young women and girls to explore STEM fields.

At the core of this movement is the notion that learning code doesn’t mean a one-track future of 1’s and 0’s (though you go girl if this is your idea of a good time!)   Technology is ubiquitous.  We weave tech and code into almost every aspect of our lives.   Gaining even a high level of technical understanding will equip both girls and boys for a future of leadership and strategic thinking- regardless of their career fields.  From public service, to fashion, to agriculture, to wearables, to real estate, to almost anything– technology is a catalyst for scale and success.

“No matter what industry you want to go into, what job you dream of having, with this skill set you really can create and bring more to the table in any industry. You don’t have to just learn this skill set to get a job at a tech startup. You can apply this thinking, apply this skill set to anything you want to do in life,” she (Kloss) says.

We need to dispel the notion that coding is only suitable for a certain gender, race, religion, age, or look.  The tech world is certainly responding with movements of their own, but it’s refreshing to see someone from the “outside” taking a step for change.

You can check out Kode with Klossy camp at the link here:

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