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The Magic Behind the Virgin Way

I recently returned from a holiday with my husband in which I practically ate books alongside my daily dose of pad Thai.  My thirst for stories and lessons of remarkable CEO’s and marketing leaders was unquenchable. One of the first books I finished was Richard Branson’s The Virgin Way, in which he extols the virtues of successful companies, taking care of his people, launching new ventures, and staying true to his crazy self despite the critics.

I took many lessons from Branson’s vast experience building and shifting the Virgin enterprise, but one of the stand-out messages was his commitment to a double bottom line. He introduces the “B team” , a group of CEO’s committed to people, profit, and planet without pushing one at the expense of the other pillars. The purely profitable plan A, as Branson notes, doesn’t cut it anymore. As leaders of business and burgeoning managers, this commitment to a new goal should be the new standard.

At Pitaya, we support our community in building your career and investing in yourself as a changemaker regardless of the profession you choose or strive for. We also foster a close connection to business leaders as we foster visibility of their company’s people and larger community. It is becoming ever more clear that the global movement of transparency, ethics, diversity, and market dignity are the new markers of success. Naturally, adopting these new standards as metrics are a feat for the company name, but they’re also good for the people working within those companies.

When employees are a part of something good and they’re supported and inspired, that is when the magic happens. Careers are no longer built purely on the promise of salary structure. We’re seeing more attention to personal satisfaction and pride in one’s work as a point of stickiness in markets around the globe. And this pride in your company and your work is what we all have a right to feel.

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