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Hack your Snacks: 5 Ways to Snack Better at Work


Snacking at work can be a blessing or a curse.  The right food can give you energy and bring back your focus to your to-do list or the meeting you’ve been preparing for all week. But if you’re not consciously snacking, it’s all too easy to pack on the pounds due to cookies here and there, sodas, chocolates, and slices of birthday cake. When you spend hours on end in the office and need fuel to stay focused, it’s easy to grab whatever is on offer! We know the challenge to stay alert and focused, but the fuel you choose should be premium quality. The following snack hacks are straightforward and easy to follow- with results that will contribute to a more vibrant you.

1. Snack mindfully

Before we get into any food specifics, mindfulness is the most important element of better snacking. Rather than shoveling handfuls of whatever food is closest to you when stress or hunger or lethargy creeps into your day, a mindful attitude will bring your attention back to exactly what you’re doing. When you eat, focus your mind on what you’re eating. Feel the texture of the fruit in your hand and in your mouth. Think about the nutrition packed in each nut you’re crunching on- rather than shoving a handful in your face in one fell swoop. When you drink, truly taste each sip and let the drink linger on your tongue. Feel it moving smoothly down your throat.


Mindful snacking will help you avoid excessive calorie intake, and can also help you quiet your mind- taking your thoughts back to a more centered place.

2. Skip the sweets- indulge in nature’s candy

Going for fruit when hunger strikes, is a sweet way to indulge and get the best of Mother Nature’s sweet bounty. It’s always best to snack in season in order to get the best of your local farmer’s harvest. Snacking in season and locally will lead you to enjoy food that hasn’t been frozen or transported thousands of miles from where you are. If your work place doesn’t offer fruit, you’re still in luck because fruit is so easily transportable! Make use of reusable Tupperware for berries, or toss some apples, peaches, plums, bananas (anything with a peel) into your bag.

3. Savor your drinks

It’s clear to us all that downing eight cups of coffee in a day or emptying our multiple coke zero bottles isn’t the healthiest way to rev up and keep you going for the day, but replacements to these pick-me ups can be difficult to spot in the work environment. We suggest arming your cubicle with a few staples to make your sips healthier. Using these sweeteners in your drinks and getting creative with their use will help cut down on empty calories and unhealthy habits.

  • Local honey
  • Agave Nectar
  • Herbal teas

Directions: Use local honey to sweeten herbal tea for a relaxing and enjoyable drink. Local honey has the added benefit of defending you against allergies that are common in your local area. If you’re going for a cup of coffee, try adding a teaspoon of agave nectar instead of chemically treated sweeteners. Agave nectar comes from the agave cactus agave nectar can be used as a substitute to fake sweetener or sugar in your coffee. Historically, Agave nectar was used by the Aztecs for its healing medicinal properties, and it’s a great substitute for sugar because of its low glycemic index- meaning you won’t get the sugar rush and crash of traditional sweeteners.

4. Keep up the protein

Protein packed foods will keep you satiated for extended periods of time and help you focus on the task at hand. Consider keeping a jar of almond butter in your cabinet, to use with apple slices for a quick afternoon snack. Wasabi peas are also a great snack, due to the high pea protein content. Just be mindful not to eat the whole jar! These healthy foods are jam packed with nutritional value but a little goes a long way in terms of calorie intake.

5. Superfood your space

Superfoods have been in the spotlight for the past few years- but it’s important to understand know how to incorporate them into your day easily. Dried Gogi Berries are a great, portable superfood that you can snack on in moderation in order to give you an antioxidant boost. Gogi berries are high in amino acids and iron, among their other nutritional benefits- and you can eat them plain or mixed into a granola or cereal for a nutrition boost. Seeds are another healthy portable option to store at work or carry with you on the go. Pumpkin seeds in particular are easy to find and packed with nutrition, such as high levels of zinc.

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