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Action Plan: 3 things you need to do, to stay healthy at work

Committing yourself to outstanding performance and goals you care about in your career is a terrific way to drive results in the work place. Unfortunately, a tunnel vision of focus can come at the cost of your personal wellbeing. A Pitaya lifestyle brings together the worlds of personal and professional success and we have three important tips to help you keep your body and mind on track when you’re in the zone at work.

One: Drink more water!

When you arrive to work in the morning, grab a full glass of water before you sit down or begin your rounds. Hydrating yourself first thing after your commute is important to setting the stage for a day of hydration and focus. Drinking another glass of water before lunch time will also help you tell the difference between actual hunger and thirst. It’s possible confuse hunger with thirst- so if you’re feeling hungry make sure to check if you’ve finished a glass of water in the nearest hour. If not, walk yourself over to the cooler and indulge.

Two: Keep Healthy snacks on hand

It happens- the occasional freshly baked brownies, or bags filled with chocolate from the duty free, make their merry way into the office and stare you down at the four o’ clock magic hour. You’re in need of a pick- me- up, and the sugar is beckoning. Instead of imbibing immediately, take a minute to compose yourself and reach for something healthier to give you some legitimate fuel. Keeping a bag of nuts or healthy protein bars in your drawer is ideal for these moments. A rule of thumb in order not to over- indulge is to take a small handful (7-10 almonds) and put them on a napkin. Eat each nut mindfully, enjoying the crunch and the flavor. Enjoy the nutrition you’re giving yourself and follow with some water. This natural fuel should set you on the right path for continued energy for the day.

Three: Eucalyptus oil should have a space on your desk

Viral ailments spread in the office space like a wildfire, and protecting yourself against a cold when your colleagues are sputtering all over the place can be difficult. When you feel congestion coming on, Eycalyptus oil is the best way to naturally decongest and leave you feeling refreshed. Eycalyptus oil is made from the fresh leaves of the eucalyptus tree, and has natural decongestive properties as well as acting as a stimulant. We recommend smelling the oil by dabbing on a piece of tissue and holding close to your nose. Alternatively, you can close one nostril and inhale deeply from the other- while holding the oil bottle close to your open nostril. Be sure not to directly apply to oil to your nose if you actually have a cold and are using tissue often- it may burn the raw skin.

As you can see, the best way to keep yourself healthy is to prepare yourself with the best arsenal of holistic staples so you can always be energized and ready to take on the day with fresh energy!


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