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A Thank You to Mother

The world is a buzz with women’s equality issues- conversations about female wages and the number of females in leadership positions are ubiquitous and hard to ignore. Thought leaders (both men and women) are raising a flag for these issues in order to understand the root and come up with a solution to have more females fairly compensated in the workplace and making their way to the top.

As humans, we don’t exist in a vacuum or travel as lone nomads. The pack we grow up with imprints upon our memories and often shapes our desires and actions. For many, our Mothers are a force that inspires and helps to shape our path.

With mother’s day approaching tomorrow, we would be remiss to miss this opportunity of celebrating our roots. Whether we celebrate our own mothers, or the matriarchs of women’s movements such as Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem, Margaret Thatcher, and so many more. With the cornerstone of civil equality, these thought leaders have inspired the paths of so many women and men in this world- a world in which we are still striving to succeed in.

This mothers day, we send our love and gratitude to the mothers who grace our lives, as well as the mothers before us who laid the foundations we build upon. To all the mothers out there- we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

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