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1 Knockout Way to be More Successful

The metrics for professional success constantly serve as hurdles to conquer along our long paths along the road to accomplishment. Power, money, influence, and praise vie for the top parameters of what many people in driven careers want to achieve- but the kink in these pillars of success is that the drive for such end-goals can drain us of our energy and balance as we keep our eyes firmly set on the prize. Without weaving self care and adequate rest into our daily to-do lists, maintaining that fiery determination for victory won’t be possible.

From corporate business leaders, to human rights advocates, to imaginative artists- it takes hard work and dedication with a focus on your goals in order to succeed. Along that journey, it’s critical to make a few hard stops for self care and rest… or we may never truly make it to the vision we dream of.

Arianna Huffington learned her lesson the hard way- by waking up with a broken face in a pool of her own blood, after collapsing to the floor out of extreme exhaustion. From that moment, this powerhouse of a woman explored her previous notions of what she defined as success, and added additional pillars such as wellness and a sense of giving back to one’s community. These metrics for success, Huffington explains, are critical in obtaining and maintaining the goals you set for yourself and your colleagues.

One of the simplest lessons Arianna Huffington touts, is to make rest a non-negotiable part of your work ethic. Resting our bodies and minds is critical to recharging our energy and attention each and every day. If you take one point of Arianna’s lessons to heart- may it be a sense of rest as a foundation for hard work. Getting enough sleep for your body, practicing meditation, or simply turning off your devices for an hour, can benefit your decision-making skills and your creativity- actually boosting your professional work ethic.

Making rest a work priority is the best way to make sure it doesn’t slip out of the picture. When you think of meditating or relaxing your mind, or even sleeping enough, as a must-do part of your schedule to mitigate stress and exhaustion it becomes a non negotiable staple in your work and personal life. And the benefits of this natural way our bodies know to re-charge will reflect in every aspect of life.

See Arianna Huffington’s interview on the pillars of success from Inc. Magazine here:

How Huffington Learned to Thrive

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