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The Busy Woman’s Way to Read More Books.

We’re all aware of the benefits of reading and how it can contribute to a sharpened sense of language proficiency while letting our imaginations exercise their muscles. But, time is of the essence and a workingwoman with pressing deadlines, romantic relationships, children to take care of, and friends to bond with- may not have the time to peruse through a 500 page novel on a regular basis.

Lack of time may not be the case- depending how we look at our day. There is a window of time that many of us ignore but exists in so many of our days. Transit time.

I spend 30-40 minutes driving to work each day, and though I’m driving I enjoy books on the way. “Reading” books by listening to an audio recording of the book, allows me to enjoy the stories without keeping myself up late at night (since that’s truly the only window I would have to otherwise turn the pages in a novel).

Depending on your commute type, you can download books onto your smartphone and listen through earphones or on speaker. A free way to get plenty of options is to visit your local library and see what they have on offer!

Our community favorite for book downloads is – and we recommend choosing the book by popular narrators as they can make a difference between truly enjoying the story or finding it dry and boring.

We’d love to hear your recommendations on your favorite books to read and ways you find to fit the reading into your day!

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