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3 Ways to Bring Holistic Energy into your Career

The Pitaya community is all about bridging the proverbial gap between work and life, in a seamless flow that connects the two. On your quest for wellness and glowing skin- the practices shouldn’t stop and start at home. Many of our community members spend more hours working than tending to personal matters in personal space- so the practices within the workspace should be just as important than that post- yoga deep breath. Here are a few ways you can begin to bring working hours into your overall holistic lifestyle.

 1. Drink Tea

Rather than reaching for that fifth espresso, treat yourself to a variety of teas throughout the day. Whether you need the caffeine boost, or simply want to savor a hot drink while you’re pondering your next project, tea is a healthy drink option that may contribute to long-term health benefits such as the prevention of cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

For those of us in high pressure jobs, tea can contribute to concentration and relaxation- making you a better master of your time.   Many teas contain a high concentration of the amino acid, L- theanine. According to teaclass, L-theanine can do the following:

This powerful amino acid boosts alpha wave activity in our brains, which promotes a state of relaxed concentration. Think “quiet alertness”. The calming effects of L-theanine actually counteract the extreme highs and jitteriness that can result from excessive caffeine intake.

 2. Smile

Want a free, easy, natural way to improve your mood and your career? Crack a smile and let science do the rest.

According to an article in Fast Company, smiling actually rewires your brain create more positive patterns, effectively helping your conscious mind make better choices and weed out dissonance from real and powerful thoughts. Additionally, smiling will make you seem more approachable to your colleagues- which can lead to greater professional opportunities.

 3. Get outside

Fresh air, blooming flowers, and swaying trees are often outside our reach when sitting in an office or mingling in a conference. Smokers often excuse themselves for a moment outside- but why should the fresh air and sunshine be saved for those who are engaging in an undeniably unhealthy addiction?

Stepping outside for five to ten minutes by yourself or with a friend can benefit your health and your productivity at work. Taking deep breaths of fresh air without the distraction of your computer screen will allow you to reconnect to your center and stimulate your brain cells. If you’re facing a particularly challenging day the moments outside may also give you perspective about the problem so you can face it with greater ease.



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