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Architecture 101. Break your big vision into little parts.

Perhaps its because I’m reading The Fountainhead, or perhaps there is a movement going on around me, but everywhere I turn lately people are talking about architecture.  There’s something about the trade that I’m drawn to. The master planning, the grand final product, and the meticulous methods used to build a vision….it’s a career metaphor for life.

As an architect, you create a vision or a master plan so to speak. You dream of the end product and shape it, turning it around in your mind as you manifest the details of design. Whether this architecture is for a sky scraper, country home, software, or a new career- the process is the same.

A good life architect begins with a vision. And once the vision is clear, the architect maps the way to make the vision happen. Breaking down your process into small parts is the only way to make this work and keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by the complexity of puzzle pieces that need to come together for the final product.

Tackling any sort of vision by breaking it into small parts is the way to actually succeed. When we dream big, we give ourselves the space to imagine strategically for the future. And when we plan for those big dreams, it’s important to do so in a way that you can actually tackle.

Write down a description of your vision. Then, think of the steps you need to take in order to get there- making sure they’re very tangible things. Break down the list into actions you can do daily or weekly in order to architect your dream.

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