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The most important rule of success you’ll ever learn.

One of the most remarkable traits of successful people is their remarkable persistence to achieving their dream. Of course, a bit of luck and a great network can play a part in the journey to the top, but it’s ferocious determination that separates the standard from the superstars.

If you remember nothing else from this website, your mother, or the business books in the self-help aisle, remember this: When the door closes in front of you, go through the window. The journey to your dream life or your dream career won’t be easy but it’s absolutely possible if you keep pushing and believing in what you’re after.


Going through the window means focusing on the solution, not the problem.


When a door closes in your face, you have an option. You can stand frozen in your path, you can kick and scream and cry, you can bang on that door, jimmy the lock, or just stay where you are… stuck in the dead end. Or, you can look around and move in another direction, still moving in the direction of your goal. You can find a window, and dive through it.


When you get stuck in your path (and you inevitably will, at some point), the best thing you can do for yourself is to focus on something other than that barrier. Thinking about the problem won’t get you through it. Thinking about the solution, or the alternative is what will push you to new heights of success.


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