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Presence: A Gift for You and Yours

I was in a meeting at work where my colleague barely made eye contact with me, and tapped on his tablet, eyes darting all over the screen, for the entirety of the session. I left that meeting feeling dull and certain we’d have to repeat the agenda again to actually move forward on the conference we were planning.

Days later, I met with a colleague/ business partner who pointedly put her iPhone away in her purse and gave me her attention and curiosity for an hour. We discussed business, our lives, and our families. When we were wrapping up the lunch I was energized both by her input and from sharing myself with someone who genuinely gave me her presence.

The difference between these two situations is that of presence and it’s something we can all improve upon.

Giving your full attention to your employees or your colleagues in meetings, relishing moments with your friends over a long weekend brunch, and taking time in the evening to truly be in the moment with your partner- are vastly different moments, all with the potential to fill you with energy.

We’re bombarded with messages being pushed at us, more than ever before. Information transfers to us and from us at near lightening speed, and though it seems we’re getting more out of each moment- we run the risk of actually getting less. Sitting with a friend and looking at your Instagram feed, is not the way to cultivate your friendship. Though we know this- it’s all too easy to fall into the rabbit hole of clicks and swipes… missing the actual moments surrounding us.

Giving your presence, your full presence to those who make time for you, is the best gift you can give. You will expand the moment with your connections and fill those moments with more understanding than by multi tasking with media sources galore. Showing up for others will encourage them to do the same- enjoy the deep difference it makes.


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