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Three tips to stay healthy while traveling

When life demands that you travel often, by means of road or airtravel, it’s easy to get worn down and even ill from the journeying. In my career, I’ve gone through periods of frequent travel followed by lulls in flight and time on the ground. Though I do love to see the world and I’m fortunate enough to have a career that allows me to experience new places and cultures, my overall health is also prone to be affected by these trips. In order to stay well, feel happy, and enjoy the new experiences on your journey- it’s critical to stay healthy while on the road.

Here are a few straightforward tips to stay well, and get the most out of your new experiences!

Day Before:

Treat yourself to one or two fresh juices.  If you can find fresh squeezed or pressed, this is the best.  I usually down a giant orange juice for the burst of vitamin C, in order to prep my body for a day filled with recycled plane air and close quarters with strangers (one of whom invariably is carrying a cough).  In the evening, I’ll enjoy a tall green juice or a fresh soup In order to nourish my body and my immune system before a good night’s rest pre-travel. Ingesting green juice or soup is easy on the digestive system, and allows your body to easily absorb all the nutrients in vegetables directly into your blood stream.

Travel Day:

The most important way to make your journey a pleasant one, is to prepare for it! Weigh that luggage before your leave the house, check your flight times and delays, and pack a few healthy snacks. Never underestimate the importance of putting all your travel ducks in a row before you travel- it’ll make the experience so much smoother and you’ll be better able to enjoy your new kindle book or favorite magazine without feeling rushed or ripped off by your luggage mishaps.

On the road:

Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, or both, it’s easy to slip out of your zen zone. Without a space to call your own and a routine to center yourself, things have the possibility of feeling a bit unsettled. The adventures of traveling can be supported by keeping your living space tidy and putting your belongings away of possible. Living without clutter, even if you may have a maid tending to the room, will help center your mind and breathe calmness into the space you rest your head. I also usually keep extra snacks in my luggage for nights when I’m either jetlagged or staying up late to work or play. Room service is fabulous, but not every country or state has the type of late night snack that I want to eat when a bit of hunger strikes. Stowing away natural granola bars and a big ziplock bag filled with mixed nuts has saved me from trying to sleep with a growling stomach.


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