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Morning Fuel

Do you know that woman in the morning?  The one who strides into the office, hair shining and smile beaming- looking like she’s just snapped the cover photo of Inc. magazine’s 30 under 30?  Oh, and of course, she already ran 10 miles this morning.  Do you know that morning goddess?

The opposite of that woman gets three words as a greeting… the worst three words a non-morning woman wants to hear.

“You look tired.”  Yes, ok yes, I know.  But I work hard, I work out, I have a social life, and I’m here to work not to be a fashion model.

Let’s set the story straight- you don’t have to look tired nor do you have to feel tired.  There are so many ways to rev up your energy, so let’s focus on one.  What you put into that body of yours.

Morning is a critical time of day.  It sets the tone for hours of work and opens possibilities for things yet to be done.  When I roll out of bed late, rush to tame my hair and zip up a professional looking outfit, and rush out the door, I’m already setting myself up for a slow start.

One way to beat the bed look and give yourself some long lasting energy is to indulge in a morning smoothie.  Whether you drink the smoothie at home, on your way to work, or at the office, you can guarantee yourself long lasting benefits in the work place and at home.  Smoothies made with fresh fruit and vegetables and superfoods will help your brain, and also help your body maintain its metabolism- potentially contributing to sustainable weight loss and increased wellness.

You can make yourself a smoothie the evening before work, or the morning of (for ultimate freshness), and you only need a few ingredients to throw in the blender to make a powerful elixir of wellness and energy.

Basic ingredients:

1 banana

1 date

1 orange

Strawberries/ blueberries/ figs/ cherries

½ scoop of vegan protein powder (I love sunwarrior vanilla protein, hemp seeds, or brown rice protein powder)

1 cup of filtered water/ coconut water

5 ice cubes

Blend, pour, enjoy.

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