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Hot Body

Take your body to another level.  For free.

 Women’s fitness is a booming industry, tailoring classes and workouts to meet the body types, time pressures, and unique needs of women across virtually every metropolis.  We’re informed, we’re trying out healthy food, and we’re interested in shaping ourselves up and carving out the most powerful version of ourselves.

Exercise isn’t just about looking svelte in our summer bikinis, it’s about defragmenting our brains and breathing deeply after a difficult day of work and carving out the time when it’s simply all about us.  Our senses light up, we feel the movement and strength of our bodies, and the endorphins pump through our veins.

Some time ago, in order to enjoy the benefits of working out we needed 2 things: time, and money.

But not anymore.  We can get whipped into shape with a determined and ripped trainer online.  I’ve never been told to “beast mode” before beginning my training with Lisa-Marie, and now I can’t stop.

For you women who play with jigsaw pieces every day of the week, trying to arrange your days filled with meetings, dating (a new man or your partner), friends, workshops, cooking, family, and all the rest… I can relate.  And I know it’s difficult to make the time for your body.  But it’s critical, and it can be done!

I’ve been doing HiiT training for 7 months now, and I can see a dramatic change in my body and my mood.  After a long day of work I come home, change into my sports bra and shorts, lace up my sneakers, and press “play.”  Depending on the time I have that evening, I’ll work out for 30 minutes to an hour, and shower immediately after.  No time waiting, no schlepping to the studio.  My music, my workout, my schedule.  And I even have time to meet my girlfriends by 8:30 PM.

If you’re new to HiiT I recommend you start here:

And for music, I like to choose a workout mix on 8tracks:

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