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3 Easy Ways to Accomplish More

Three mind-shifts that will make you accomplish more, every day.

A recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review, found that people who maintained calm, happy, and energized thoughts throughout the day were more likely to be productive at work- resulting in greater achievements over the course of time.  This trifecta of “high states of mind” are drivers that affect both professional as well as personal achievements in any given person’s life.

Maintaining our energy at high levels often spills over to our colleagues, our teams, and our personal connections- making others more receptive to what we have to say.  Leaders who can convey the vision of a project or a movement, will naturally garner attention and a following of others who share and feel the leader’s belief.  The same goes for social situations wherein the one with energy and gusto will find herself a magnet for friends and acquaintances.

Waking up in a rush, skipping breakfast as you dash out the door, and cursing the morning traffic on your way to work (in the rain) may all contribute to anxiousness, frustration, and even angry emotions before you even walk in the door to work.  Take another example- of waking up 15 minutes earlier and sipping on hot tea before taking five minutes to stretch and sit in quiet meditation before dressing and listening to your favorite podcast on your way to your desk.  Now, you start your day with a sense of calm and may even be excited about the new idea that came to you that same morning.

Rather than leaving your state of mind to chance, here are three ways to cultivate a high state of mind and improve your effectiveness every new day.

  1.  Clean up your space. Making sure your environment is free from disorganization will help you relax in your space.  This means taking a minute to make the bed in the morning, keeping your work space tidy, and if you have a car- making sure you clean out all those granola bar wrappers.  Your focus will improve and anxiety will lessen when your clutter is tamed.
  2.  Maintain your health.  Exercise and eating a whole foods diet are not only fantastic to make you look good, but will also contribute to the focus and energy you can apply to your work.  Get moving a few times throughout the day if possible, and make sure you are fueling yourself with brain stimulating fruits and vegetables throughout the day.
  3.  Smiling, is of course a surefire way to make others attracted to you and feel a sense of ease in your presence but it will also affect your physical wellbeing.  Smiling lowers your heart rate making you feel more relaxed, and also mitigates stress.

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