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Oh Nutz

A colleague once called me out on my daily nut habit and I’ll never go for a handful of Almonds the same way again.  When I was working in London, and getting acclimated to the new culture and way of eating and being- I kept a bag of nuts in my desk drawer in case a bout of hunger struck.  There was always a bar of Cadbury’s somewhere in the office and I needed something more stable to keep me on my game during the grey workdays.

Every day between 10:30 and 11:00, I’d feel the hunger rumble in my stomach and since I’m prone to getting hangry I was prepared.  I’d reach down into my little desk drawer and pull out my jar of almonds, count out seven, place them on my desk, and replace the jar.  I’d go on with my calls and my tasks, nibbling on the nuts one by one and staving off the pre-lunch hunger.

My colleague Dan picked up the daily pattern and joked that I somewhat resembled a squirrel furrowing for my daily pick-me-up.  I laughed, he laughed, and the nut habit continued.  Over the past five years, my habit of snacking on nuts has contributed to sustained weight loss and maintaining a healthy energy balance throughout the day- I recommend keeping a jar of raw, unsalted almonds on hand at all times should hunger strike.

Almonds are a great source of healthy fats and fiber, which make them a good option to eat when slightly hungry, or in need of energy.  The high mineral content of copper, magnesium, manganese and a small amount of B12 will also help your energy levels stay up and leveled.

Almonds contain antioxidants and a high level of vitamin E, and are a healthy source of fiber and protein.  Studies have shown that almonds can contribute to weight loss, help with digestive health, and regulate blood sugar- making them a terrific workday snack!.

See Nutrition stripped’s breakdown of Almond’s nutrition content.

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