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Loving what you do

Gone are the days of work/ life balance.  Our lives seep into our work, and our work is inevitably a part of our life- the separation of both is a notion that doesn’t exist in the way that previous generations may have known.  I check my work emails before getting ready for bed, and I take care of bills and doctor appointments during short breaks at work because it’s the only time the clinics are open.  Our days are filled with personal and professional challenges and it’s ultimately up to us to shape them into the days we want to live.

Of course, we all want to love what we do as a career and get the most out of the hours in our day- but what happens when it just doesn’t add up?  There’s a simple answer to the problem- start doing what you love now.

Whatever your dream is, take a step to make it happen.  If you work in a corporate office but love to bake- bring treats in for your colleagues and test recipes out on them.  The smiles and thank-you’s of your work buddies will ride you through your work and give you energy for the things you do.  If you’re a creative soul and your work is relatively dry, bring your flair into projects that you’re assigned anyway.  Even if it involves a bit more time, you’ll enjoy the energy invested.

Whatever your passion- find a way no matter how small or large, to bring it into what you are already doing and take that first step to enjoying your work.  Weaving in the passions you have will make your output better than before, but more importantly it will actually fill you with energy and delight.  When you do what you love, you gain a sense of joy and increased energy from your passion.  Not only will you be a better colleague, boss, or employee- but you will also carry that lightness into your personal life and the people who love you will notice the difference.

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