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3 Steps to Ignite Your Self Confidence

Moving forward with your career and life goals doesn’t happen by accident. It takes concerted effort and hard work to keep your healthy self on track with your dreams, all the while balancing the connections in your life and somehow keeping the laundry from piling up in the bedroom corner. Along with the many practices you preach, one key mindset can have a distinguishing influence on the course of achieving your mission.  And this mindset is confidence.

Self-confidence can propel you to places you never imagined you would be, bringing you into spaces that somehow teach you as you go. A close friend of mine began working in a high profile advertising firm, without a drop of experience in PR or marketing. She got the job solely based on her winning ability to sell herself. On her first day, she had absolutely no idea what her colleagues and clients were saying to her- but she chucked the fear aside and asked questions, learning the ropes as she was swinging from them.

There is a way to free yourself from the things you think you can’t do- and it’s a simple mindshift. Practicing self-confidence is a three-step process that can help you sell yourself, close a deal, create a following, or cultivate love.

Step 1: Let your fears go.

The number 1 enemy of progress is fear. Fear has a powerful ability to paralyze us in our tracks and freeze the words in our throats before we are even able to get them out. And ironically, the fear we feel is something we dream up ourselves. Shedding your fears by confronting them and choosing to leave them behind.

In your career, fear can be a very real player in the room. If you hold back your opinions because you think they’re not valid, neglect to sit at the table in a meeting because you think you’re under qualified, or avoid taking on a project because someone more senior should do it- this is all fear. Confidence encourages you to step out of your fear zone and try new things, sharing them with others along the way. Thinking that fear is only a mind game you’re playing with yourself can help you conquer it.

Step 2: Believe in yourself

Belief in yourself comes hand in hand with self- confidence, but it’s still a muscle that has to be diligently exercised.  We’ve all heard the notion- If you say you can, you can.  If you say you can’t, you can’t. Saying yes I can, or yes I deserve this will bring you into the mental state of success- and if you keep that thought in mind and in practice your surroundings will begin to shape into the path you’ve been carving.

As a practice point, write down the things you believe you will accomplish or become.  Read what you’ve written.  And say it out loud.  Remember these goals and repeat them to yourself- creating the final step which is a habit.

Step 3: Create a habit of believing in yourself.

Just as one day of clear-minded meditation won’t turn you into Buddha, one moment of belief in yourself won’t create the everlasting aura of self confidence.  But, many of those moments will create it!  Habitually reminding yourself that you believe in your gift and your passion will be the force that builds your self confidence and will allow you to strut around with your head held high.

When you wake in the morning, think about what you’re thankful for.  On your way to work mull over how you’ll accomplish your goals.  And when you go out with lovers or friends, beam with interest, and others will be pulled to your presence.


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