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Morning Meditation: 3 Minute Miracle


Admittedly, I am not a morning person. Over the years, I’ve tried to wake up early and exercise/read/work/wash and dry my hair… but it’s just not going to happen for me. If you’re one of those morning sunshine people- good for you, you crazy morning tiger! Whether you’re a morning person- or not, there is one powerful practice you should be doing to show yourself some love and make space for your day. Meditate.

A daily practice of meditation brings the expansive nature of life into gentle quietness, and helps our brain soothe out the noise. For a busy person with a career, friends, family, lovers, errands, deadlines, and personal goals- it’s important to focus on bringing all these seemingly separate things into one gentle focus. Imagine beginning your day with a feeling of lightness, gratitude lighting up the things you cherish, and ready to focus on your goal. That’s meditation.

Though the science of meditation is still under research, many agree that its benefits are extraordinary. I’ve been practicing morning meditation for five years thus far, and the power of it never ceases to amaze me. For beginners, or experienced practitioners alike- there is one critical point of meditation that we can all be reminded about: consistency.

Pick your place. Pick your time. Sit. Breathe.


Moguls, mommas, and monks have all harnessed the awesome power of meditation and many practices take time and extensive exploration to learn- but for the beginners among you, you can begin in a simple way today.

What you need:

3- 10 minutes

A space on the floor

A yoga mat, carpet, or blanket

Soothing music (I like these Youtube mixes)

A timer (the timer on your phone can work perfectly)


I find it soothing to play ambient classical music in the background but you can meditate in silence if that feels better to you. Take a minute or two to do some stretches. Bend forward and reach toward your toes, inhale and bring your arms out wide to your sides, and up above your head- placing your hands palm to palm. Bring your hands in prayer motion to your heart center and exhale. Move your neck side to side and loosen up your muscles after a good night’s sleep.

Take a seat on the floor and set your timer for 5 minutes. Breathe deeply, inhaling in and out through your nose. Say the following words internally on each inhale and each exhale.

Inhale: peace

Exhale: kindness

Inhale: love

Exhale: calm

Inhale: Joy

Exhale: gratitude


You can repeat these breaths a few times, just letting the word and its meaning linger in your breath and getting comfortable in your seated position.

After a few breaths, take your attention to the things in your life that are there to support you and inspire you. Feel the gratitude you may not notice on a daily basis, for your home, your family and loved ones, your work, your income, and your health and body. Focus on specific things, and feel your gratitude. If frustrations arise, give them their space to be- and recognize everything around that frustration that is actually there to support you. Breathe it all in, deep breaths in and out.

For the last minute or two, focus on what you want to achieve. It may be to be a better partner, perhaps to deliver on a major project or presentation, or even how you want to feel when you walk into the office in the morning. Hold that thought and feel it. Visualize the space you want to be in, and walk through it- holding it in your highest vision. Continue to breathe and close the meditation with a smile- give yourself kudos for the kindness you just showed your body and your spirit.

Do this meditation every day, taking a more lingering approach with your thoughts on weekends if time allows. If you have a partner, ask him or her to give you space for your practice for just a few minutes- they will be grateful for the centered person you are!


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