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Focus on your Mission & Ignite your energy

Although it’s important to sleep well, eat clean foods, exercise, and take care of our mental health- it’s not enough if we do it all in a vacuum. The one secret ingredient to bringing energy into your life, is by having a mission and focusing on that mission through everything.

A mission ignites your passion- it gives you energy.

I recently watched an interview with one of the most famous life coaches of all time- Tony Robbins. Robbins was asked about what gives him energy after all the decades of helping people realize their potential and meet their personal goals. He mentioned a few practices, but focused on the notion that a mission will not only give anyone direction, but it will ignite them with a passion to move them forward.

Take the time to focus on what your true mission is. Write it down, keep it in your sight- and repeat it to yourself. If you go into your place of work with that mission burning within you- the noise and the distractions will just fall away. You’ll be left with your higher purpose and drive to succeed in accomplishing exactly what you want.

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